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Welcome to DePung Learning Environments! Since you have landed here, you must be looking for help with some sort of learning need. Whether you are a student, parent, or professional educator, you can find something of value and, hopefully, help here!

True education conducted in a natural learning environment of the mind offers a powerful, exciting proposition to the true learner. The three words above--Collect, Connect, and Create--define a framework for a natural way to learn, a natural education. Please spend a moment and gain an overall view of this powerful model.
As an experienced educator, I know that we as learners must be motivated. Curiosity sums up this concept. The question, then, is what techniques might you use to develop or increase curiosity? How can you actually grab hold of all that information? How can you make something of the thoughts and questions that you have about the topic? Have you thought of a way yet that might develop or increase curiosity no matter what the learning task is? 
The term intrinsic motivation describes the desire to learn that comes from within oneself, and I work to show students how they can develop that for themselves. I also teach and model tools that answer to the questions in the previous paragraph.

The second phase of writing or learning engages your ability to organize all of that collected information. You must have ways of organizing information in order that you may be able to see connections, connections that allow you to make meaning of it all. When you have interactively collected information, then you have the means to refine some guiding questions, questions that lead you on to further discovery.
True education is a recursive process of curiosity, discovery, and creativity—asking questions, making connections, and creating communications. I help you to acquire and use tools to make those discoveries and connections that are most relevant for your task.

If you have engaged in a task with curiosity and you have enthusiastically made discoveries, this is the phase where you communicate not only your discoveries but also the way that you have thought about and/or implemented your discoveries. At the very least,you have created new knowledge for yourself! Your final project may reflect artistic expression via pictorial, musical, or kinesthetic means, or perhaps you will be writing as essay or some other written genre. Whatever it is, it will be unique to you, and I will coach you through it.
Guiding beliefs determine practice. I have described this in order that you may know that my practices are based on solid beliefs that are centered on you, the learner.
If you are looking for a learning tutor, writing or reading coach, or an educator who will deliver a driven, engaging, and sincere professional development session, you have come to the right place. Please email me with your particular concerns, and I will promptly respond.

All the best!

Mike DePung